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United States History    

Students and Parents:

     I am very excited about working with you this year.  Working together we can make this class both interesting and productive.

     Juniors will be taking the U.S. History EOC Test the week of May 1-5, 2017.  The minimum passing score for Level II is 3500.  You will PASS this test on your first attempt this year because I know that you can. 



Fall Semester                                     Spring Semester

Settling of the West                           The Great Depression

Celebrate Freedom                              World War II

Immigration                                        The Cold War

Industrialism                                      Civil Rights

Progressive Reform Era                       Vietnam & the 1960s

The United States Emerges                  Unit 12:  1970-1990

As a World Power                      Unit 13:  1990-Present

World War I




     You will need notebook paper, pens, a pencil, a highlighter, a folder or binder, and (1) box of Kleenex.  Please be prepared.



     Daily grades count for 40% of the grade and major grades for 60%.  At least nine daily grades and three major grades will be given each nine weeks.

Every effort should be made to complete work on time.  A deduction of

Twenty-five points will occur for work turned in one day late, fifty points for two days late, and a zero will be recorded for an assignment that is three days late. 



     Students will have a test at least every three weeks to assess progress.



     If you miss class, it is your responsibility to get the assignments.  If you miss class due to a school activity, please have your work completed on time.



     If you create a problem in this class, I will conference with you.  Next, I will refer you to the assistant principal.  No warning is given for level two and level three offenses.



*RESPECT-When the teacher is lecturing or another student is talking: 


*No Sleeping

*Be on time (This does not mean standing in the doorway).

*Keep your hands off others’ property

*No food, drink, candy, gum, straws, or other chewable items.

*Everyday before you leave pick up around your desk.

*Sit in your assigned seat

*Individual work time is quiet time

*No Cell Phones unless the teacher gives you permission to have them out.


*No video or audio recording of any kind is allowed in my classroom. No picture taking of any kind is allowed in my classroom. I do not give my permission for my image, voice, likeness, etc. to be recorded, taken, or captured at any time for any reason. I do not give my permission for my image, voice, likeness, or a video of me be posted or shared on the Internet or any other electronic or social/shared medium at any time.  See the 2016-2017 SHS Student Handbook for clarification on this issue.




Coach Moore



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